7 Benefits of Hiring a Guest Post Service and How to Get Started


Are you looking to increase traffic and sales? Hiring a guest blogging service for your link-building strategy can help your brand increase exposure and search engine optimization (SEO). You can reach a wider audience and improve your brand reputation by submitting content to high-level sites as a guest writer. More than half (60%) of blogs write 1-5 guest posts each month as part of their growth strategy.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of guest posting and how to get started.

What are Guest Posting Services?

Getting your name out there is essential if you want to reach a wider audience. Backlinks to your site increase the authority rating, which will improve your SEO. Plus, links can even drive traffic of readers from other sites.

However, creating content and submitting it to other sites isn’t often feasible for business owners. You have plenty of other content to work on, including managing social media.

Guest post services or blogger outreach services are best from an agency with a solid reputation and experience in the marketing industry. This service takes care of finding the right sites for guest blogging. In many cases, the guest blogging service will create the content for you and include your website link within a relevant section of the post.

Publishing content on another website can happen in two ways:

  • Your post is shared without a special attribution (as part of the host’s blog), including your link.
  • Your post is shared with you as a guest author on the blog, including a pitch for your brand.

Hiring a company that offers guest posting streamlines the process. You won’t have to worry about finding reputable sites that allow guest posting, and you won’t have to make sure content gets approved. You also won’t have to follow content guidelines, meet submission deadlines or have additional stressors on your to-do list.

It’s crucial to choose a reputable and experienced company, though.

For example, choosing the first “specialist” you see on Fiverr could result in wasted time and money. A company that isn’t experienced might publish worthless content that doesn’t attract readers or help your site rating. Inexperienced professionals can also drag their feet, missing deadlines and making you spend extra time chasing down their services.

7 Benefits of Guest Post Services

Publishing content on other sites offers many strategical benefits for brand growth. When you hire a qualified guest posting service, your content should produce quantifiable results. Here are seven ways you should benefit when using guest posting services from a qualified agency.

Backlinks to your site essentially count as a vote of confidence from the posting site. If you have many links to your content from various authoritative sites, then search engines will see it as something worth offering users.

You can check your website authority through tools (like this one from ahrefs) to see how many backlinks you have.

For this to work, it’s extremely important the posting site uses a “dofollow” link, since search engines ignore “nofollow” links. You also want the link attached to a relevant keyword as the anchor text. And, the text needs to offer valuable content and not stuffed with repetitive keyword phrases.

Access Top-Level Sites

A guest posting service helps you find the best places to submit your content. They will consider which sites target your company’s audience and which sites offer a high enough domain authority (DA) to help improve your brand’s ranking. Rather than manually reaching out to request a link or guest post, you will have a service do all the groundwork for you.

A good agency will have an existing network of sites that accept guest posts and will find additional sites that are highly suited to your brand. The agency should be able to produce top-quality content in line with the submission requirements for high-level websites.

Increases Your Reach

When you post to various outlets, you increase your reach for new leads. You can reach more audiences by posting content to more sites. Some of these sites will target your audience while they are there for a completely different reason, creating leads who are just hitting the awareness stage. Other sites will directly tie to your industry, targeting leads who are further into the sales funnel and more familiar with what you offer.

A major benefit of guest posting is how you can grow your audience beyond your current reach. Reputable sites typically have their own audiences and many may not be familiar with your brand at all. While advertising can help increase your reach, people are more likely to trust a brand, professional leader or influencer they already follow. So, guest posting allows you to form new contacts through a mutual connection.

Builds Your Brand Reputation

Guest posting typically involves a post on something relevant to your brand. When your brand is connected to informative articles, you increase your reputation. Additionally, if you choose to publish posts in your name, you can increase your reputation as a leader in the industry. Essentially, your content is getting a stamp of approval from another site.

If those sites are low-level sites that accept every guest post, then a post linking to your brand may not mean much in terms of reputation growth. But, if those sites have built up their reputation and audience, then a post from your brand (or including your link) will help build a stronger reputation for your company. When your company is linked to by a reputable site, it shows they believe you have value to offer as well.

Creates Stronger Networks

As you post to different sites, you can form relationships with their owners or content managers. Through guest posting, you may form a network that provides you with places where you can occasionally post content. In some cases, guest posting can open up new opportunities for collaboration or business partnerships.

Additionally, you might even choose to have some of these partner sites create guest posts for your blog. This symbiotic relationship helps provide your site with content and gives them a backlink.

Drives Social Sharing

The more social shares your content can get, the more your links will travel into new audience circles. If you stay restricted to your channels and blog, then you will reach a smaller circle. Publishing your links through content on other sites increases your chances of having content shared on social media through people who don’t already follow you or know your brand.

You can expand that circle for a much wider reach by increasing the number of channels and sites that reference your company name or link to your site. Audiences that find your guest post valuable may choose to share it with their friends and followers. So, you increase your odds of social sharing when you have guest posts published to different sites and targeting a wide variety of audiences.

Keep increasing your reach by extending your circle through guest posting services. It may take time to translate into higher levels of traffic, but you are laying the groundwork by spreading the word through the hands of other sites.

Leads to Targeted Traffic

A link-building strategy should include sites that are relevant to your niche. Sites that are within your industry will target relevant leads for high-quality traffic. When the content goes live, you can benefit from an immediate influx of targeted leads.

If the content is high-quality and gains a lot of traffic, you will likely notice an uptick in visitors on your site. It’s a great idea to post content on sites that get a lot of traffic and social shares.

Get Started with Guest Posting for Your Lead Generation Strategy

Now is the perfect time to start building your site up with valuable backlinks. If you are looking for new leads to convert into customers, a guest posting strategy may be the right move. You don’t have a lot of time on your hands, so use a blogger outreach service to kickstart the process and make things easy.

Real Authority is a reputable company with experience in guest posting. We can help take your lead generation strategy to the next level with managed guest posting.

Talk to us today about a blog management solution that is custom-fit for your brand. Our clients rely on us to post new content for them every week, and so can you! Reach out now to learn more about our guest posting services!

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